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ENVIRO-SEAL™ Packing Systems for Fisher™ Rotary and Sliding Stem Valves
Fisher ENVIRO-SEAL packing systems offer exceptional shaft sealing capabilities.

These packing systems, available with PTFE or graphite packing material, feature live-loading and unique packing ring arrangements for long-term, consistent sealing performance.

How to Install ENVIRO-SEAL™ Packing Systems in Fisher™ Rotary Valves

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How to Replace Packing in Fisher™ Rotary Valves

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ENVIRO-SEAL™ Packing Systems for Fisher™ Rotary and Sliding Stem Valves


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  • Compliance with the Clean Air Act—The excellent shaft sealing of the ENVIRO-SEAL packing system (figure 1) can control emissions to below the EPA maximum of 100 ppm. ENVIRO-SEAL packing systems provide an excellent shaft seal to prevent the loss of process fluid.
  • Improved Service Life—ENVIRO-SEAL packing system design, the anti-extrusion rings that contain the packing, and live loading combine to give you long service with very low maintenance. External live-loading provides a constant load over the life of the packing material which reduces your need for constant packing box adjustment and high levels of packing maintenance. Installed ENVIRO-SEAL packing systems provide excellent shaft sealing, guiding, and transmission of loading force.
  • Easy Installation in Existing Valves—All parts needed to install the systems in existing valves are available in a convenient kit. Some larger valves may require the packing box to be sleeved to accommodate a smaller cross section of packing.
  • Adaptable to Many Applications— ENVIRO-SEAL packing systems are available with PTFE or graphite packing rings. ENVIRO-SEAL packing systems fit a wide range of Fisher rotary valves. See the valve product bulletin for specific availability information. Note: ENVIRO-SEAL PTFE and graphite packing
  • Systems can be used in vacuum service applications with packing rings in the standard orientation. It is not necessary to reverse the PTFE packing rings.


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