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Zedi Access
Gain insight to remote monitoring, control and optimization across your operation regardless of the field device used at the site with Zedi Access Cloud-Based Data Acquisition.
This industry-leading solution delivers up-to-the-minute field asset data to improve decision making, leading to increases in production, profits and sustainability. It improves decision making by giving permission-based end users the ability to actively see the information you decide is relevant to their role. Zedi Access software is driven by our commitment to continuously update and enhance our platform to bring you and your staff the right data at the right time to enhance business decisions all day, every day. Better manage operations, maximize production and meet regulations with accurate data delivered anytime, anywhere.


  • Easily and securely acquire, manage, and analyze your production data while ensuring compliance.
  • Production data trending, default and custom reporting with Tableau® analytics for vivid graphics.
  • Our software applications are delivered as a service to ensure evergreen enhancements, secure storage and full support.
  • Application upgrades complete with Zedi Go Mobile App for iPhone & Android for real-time production data anythwere, anytime.
  • Continuous polling and communications optimization with 3rd party access and data exchange (push/pull) with infrastructure management.
  • Alarm mangement system with automated call-out alarms, automated workflows and easily managed permissions for your personnel to have regulated access to relevant data.
  • Secure industry leading data center with encrypted communications, real-time customer data backups and active monitoring of the health of all services.
  • All-inclusive user training, unlimited users with no seat or site licenses required and 24/7/365 customer support.
  • Fully supported cloud platform including IT network security, server, redundancy, historian, HMI template, IP and tag management.


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