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FB3000 Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)
The next-generation FB3000 Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) is a powerful yet easy-to-use controller that offers the scalability and expanded data capacity to fulfill the demanding requirements of today's oil and gas operations.
This flexible device for ultra-reliable measurement and control of liquids and/or gas offers users the customized logic and control needed to meet application requirements. Industry-leading configurability and programmability fulfill standard to complex requirements while secure, built-in flow measurement calculations make it easier than ever to prove compliance. In addition, cloud-enabled functionality for licensing simplifies day-to-day operations. Digitally transform your operation by streamlining complex processes with the agile, intuitive FB3000 RTU. This new controller is also part of Emerson's next-generation FB Series measurement and control platform that offers a common set of configuration tools, including FBxConnect™, to expedite setup and facilitate commonly performed tasks.


  • API, AGA, GPA and ISO calculations built into the base firmware adjust for operating conditions to give reliable, accurate measurement of oil and/or gas fluids.
  • Liquid applications now include both API Allocation Measurement and API Crude Oil Custody Transfer Calculations.
  • A flexible architecture that ranges from low power applications to high density I/O and distributed I/O all in one platform.
  • The extension chassis provides scalability for larger wellpad operators that can now use a single RTU with more I/O capability.
  • A structured tool set reduces the time required to configure and/or program devices as well as minimizes the likelihood of errors and the amount of training needed.
  • FBxConnect now features additional steps to help in the configuration process along with capability that supports the increased amount of measurement and control in the FB3000 RTU.
  • FBxVue™ software for complete custom display capability allows users to see what they want to see when they want to see it.
  • Firmware-based PIDs provide dual loop control with switchover logic while Effects, Math and Action Blocks offer simple programming functionality.
  • Customized logic and control to fulfill unique site needs with our optional FBxDesigner™ software that provides access to our complete suite of powerful yet flexible IEC 61131 programs.
  • Open-standard DNP3 protocol offers authenticated communication between the client and server that is reliable, flexible and secure.
  • Prevention and detection of unauthorized access protects your measurement and control as well as diagnostic data.
  • New personality termination modules provide a cost-effective, safe, hot-swappable design to expedite board replacements.


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