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DeltaV™ Virtual Studio
PDP_DeltaV Virtual Studio
DeltaV™ Virtual Studio makes it easy to create and maintain virtual DeltaV systems for development, testing, training and on-line production.
Virtualization offers many compelling benefits including less hardware to buy and maintain, increased configuration flexibility and engineer productivity, and higher availability with easier disaster recovery. Setup and maintenance of multiple control systems can be expensive and time consuming. DeltaV Virtual Studio makes it easier than ever to capture the value of virtualization without being an IT virtualization expert.


  • Easily create DeltaV™ Workstations and virtual control hardware in a fully supported DeltaV virtualization environment
  • Easily setup and maintain multiple systems for control development, testing and training
  • Support multiple systems, on multiple software releases, with the same virtualization hardware
  • Save and restore virtual control systems for more cost effective troubleshooting, making modifications to existing applications, or operator training
  • Consolidate workstations on host servers to reduce computer hardware, installation and maintenance costs
  • For off-line systems, utilize virtual controller, safety logic solver, and CHARMS IO card simulation to reduce the control hardware required for development and testing
  • Allows you to update hardware and software independently, providing flexibility in scheduling upgrades
  • Virtualization can improve availability by reducing the Mean Time To Recovery (MTTR) for workstations with automatic failover and disaster recovery


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