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SmartProcess™ Compressor
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Emerson’s SmartProcess Compressor application is designed for the DeltaV™ digital automation system, working with smart field devices to improve the compressor operation safety, stabilize the main process parameter and increase energy efficiency.
A special DeltaV application library provides a set of Composite Blocks, pre-engineered Module Classes, graphics and dynamos that minimize engineering effort required to deliver the solution.
SmartProcess™ Compressor


System Compatibility
SmartProcess™ Compressor is available on DeltaV v12.3 or higher systems


  • Eliminate black boxes
  • Increase compressor operation range
  • Minimize the risk of compressor surge
  • Stabilize the main process parameter of the compressor
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Balance the load of parallel compressors
  • Faster startups and lower cost of implementation
  • Tune and configure all devices in the control loop from one place


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