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DeltaV™ Application Station Software Suite
PDP_DeltaV Station Software Suite
The DeltaV™ Application Station gives you the ability to integrate DeltaV and off-the-shelf applications into your enterprise.
The Application Station is made up of the Application Station Software Suite and the DeltaV hardware to run it. The Application Station has DeltaV system ease of use and the field-proven DeltaV OPC Data Access Server. This ensures fast, reliable integration.
DeltaV™ Application Station Software Suite


Supported communications standards
OPC Data Access, OPC Alarms & Events, OPC Historical Data Access, SQL Web services, OSIsoft PI protocol
Integration capacity and application details
Refer to the System Planning Guide for more details
OPC Data Access communication rates
Sustained communication rates up to 30,000 values per second


  • Seamlessly integrates your DeltaV™ system data with the rest of your enterprise
  • Includes the DeltaV™ Continuous Historian
  • Supports batch applications
  • Fully integrates DeltaV™ system configuration and management
  • Provides capacity for the biggest data integration requirements


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