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DeltaV Flex
DeltaV Flex
DeltaV™ Flex is a subscription that combines term-based software licensing and product support in a packaged solution optimized for smaller, more modular system installations.
This provides a simple way to procure, operate and maintain a fully functional DeltaV system and leverage innovations in small control systems. DeltaV Flex is an attractive solution for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that want to provide a small DeltaV system for a process skid or lab environment while minimizing initial investment cost.
DeltaV Flex


DeltaV Flex Subscription License Terms
Provides flexibility in the length of term; license terms are available in 1-, 3-, and 5-year terms
Product Support
Is included as part of the base package and renewed with subscription
Software Base Package
DeltaV™ License

  • PK Flex Controller software
    • 50, 100 or 250 Flex DSTs.
    • P01 Protocol License (Modbus TCP or EtherNet/IP)
    • 32 Physical Device License (PDTs)
  • ProPLUS Premium
  • OPC UA Activation License

Product Support

  • Product Support (Formerly Guardian support)
  • HW Warranty for associated PK Flex Controllers

Required Hardware (sold separately)

  • PK Flex Controller (Simplex or Redundant)
  • DeltaV approved Workstation or Industrial PC for ProPLUS
Add-on DeltaV Components

  • Operator Stations
  • Applications Stations
  • Smart Switches
  • EIOC Cards
  • Traditional I/O
  • Wireless I/O

Subscription-based Software Licenses

  • Flex DSTs (to a max of 1,500 DSTs)
  • ProPLUS Scaleup Licenses (to a max of 1.500 DSTs)
  • Controller Redundancy License for PK Flex Controller Software
  • Protocol Licenses for PK Flex Controller Software (Modbus server, OPC UA server, PROFINET)
  • Physical Device License (PDTs) for PK Flex Controller Software
  • EIOC with OPC UA client protocol License, PDTs and DSTs
  • OPC UA Client Tag License for ProPlus and Application Station
  • Advanced Unit Management License
  • Basic Batch, Advanced Batch, or Professional Batch Licenses
  • VCAT license
  • Operator Station Licenses
  • Application Station Licenses
  • Alarm Help License
  • Operations Premium Performance Pack License
  • DeltaV Continuous Historian License
Hardware + Add-Ons
Sold separately
ProfessionalPlus Premium Workstation Software
Included for Version 15 Feature Pack 1 systems and newer. The DeltaV Live Operations Premium Performance Pack must be added to additional workstations to enable DeltaV Live Operations (runtime) functionality on those systems.


  • Easy-to-Order, Packaged Solution that Leverages PK Flex Controller
  • Lower Upfront Cost for Small Applications
  • Functionality Can be Added When Needed, Over Time
  • Maximized Access to the Latest DeltaV Innovations


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