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PR9268 Electrodynamic Sensors
PR 9268 Electrodynamic Sensors
Mechanical spring-mass sensor comes in a variety of cable lengths and can be supplied with or without a Harting connector.
PR9268 Electrodynamic Sensors


Sensitivity (± 5%) @ 80 Hz/20°C/100 kOhm
28.5 mV/mm/s (723.9 mV/in/s)
Measurement Range
± 1,500µm (59,055 µin)
Frequency Range (± 3dB)
4 to 1,000 Hz (240 to 60,000 cpm)
Operating Temperature
-20 to 100°C (-4 to 180°F)
0 to 100% Non-Condensing


  • Ideal for machinery protection systems
  • Available with additional cable protection


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