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Plantweb Optics
Plantweb Optics
Plantweb Optics has real-time automated data collection from assets within the plant funneled into diagnostics and analytics platforms to help visualize, analyze, and predict performance.
With this actionable data, plant service and maintenance is seamless with CMMS integrations and workflows.
Plantweb Optics


Operating System
Windows Server 2016 Datacenter
Windows Server 2016 Standard
Microsoft SQL Server
MS SQL Server 2017
3.2 GHz, 8-core processor, Intel Xeon-scalable
32 GB
Hard Drive
SSD hard drive
Available Disk Space
100 GB
2 x 1 GB NIC (use 2 NICs to isolate Tier 3 traffic from Tier 2 traffic) (recommended)
1 x 1 GB NIC (supported)


  • Provides a collaborative environment to improve plant reliability and operational performance.
  • Connect experts to their assets.
  • Integration of multiple interfaces for a holistic view of asset health.
  • Secure yet flexible architecture.
  • Workflow integration to drive proactive operations with CMMS integration.
  • Built-in historian for immediate asset health and parameter history.


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