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ESCHBACH Announces Channel Partnership with Novaspect

February 7, 2023


Introducing Shiftconnector, the latest digital enterprise platform for process manufacturing, eschbach is expanding its relationship with Novaspect to provide additional services to an ever-increasing customer base in North America. The successful channel partnership is part of a two-year collaboration between the companies that resulted in substantial new projects with Shiftconnector.

The partnership between the two technology companies now gives Novaspect a direct working relationship with the eschbach development team and a mutual cloud infrastructure backed with security know-how from the eschbach security team.

“We are pleased to be partnered with the eschbach team and serve as a Shiftconnector Solution Partner. Shiftconnector is a foundational enabler for digital transformation addressing an unlimited number of use cases in a typical manufacturing plant.  Shiftconnector solutions directly support our primary goal of partnering with clients to help them achieve new levels of performance by removing inefficiencies, connecting teams, and transforming data into actionable insights,” said Jon Hall, Novaspect Vice President, Digital Transformation.

Shiftconnector enterprise platform supports plant process management initiatives by helping manufacturing shift workers and their managers to track compliance, ensure safety, and improve performance through knowledge-sharing. By supporting a ‘single source of truth,’ Shiftconnector ensures collaboration with complete transparency and creates a knowledge bank of easily accessible information from anywhere.

“eschbach is excited to be developing a rich partnership with Novaspect to help drive our growth in the North American market,” said Andreas Eschbach, Founder and CEO of eschbach. “eschbach has been supporting the process industry for nearly 20 years. Our customers appreciate that we continuously enhance Shiftconnector to meet their changing needs, as well as find exceptional solutions partner, like Novaspect, to increase access to a digital solution like Shiftconnector that will increase plant safety, efficiency and resilience.”   

As the industry transitions to Industry 5.0 as well as the introduction of AI capabilities, the human factor has become a greater focus. On the plant floor, powerful cognitive applications are making data more useful for people and easier for people and machines to work together to build stronger, more resilient systems.  Novaspect is now better positioned to support its customers by leveraging Shiftconnector to address the communications gap between people and machines.

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