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Road Trip to Marshalltown: August 9 & 10

July 6, 2021


Time For a Road Trip?
Join Us for our annual Emerson Innovation Center Road Trip to Marshalltown, Iowa coming August 9 & 10, 2021. Here are just a few of the highlights:

Experience hands-on equipment demo interaction and join us for an
informative seminar with discussion topics to include:

• Control Valve Technology Update & product demonstrations.
• Flow-Induced Vibration - Influence of flow on piping structure.
• Cavitation - Valve noise performance verified by test, noise spectra, internal sound power, transmission loss, peak frequency, piping design, system noise.
• High Cycle Testing, PSA - Fluid force on stems and shafts established by test, difficult to model, known fatigue failure risk, right size actuator.
• Noise-Reducing Trim Technology - Trim is quieter and proven by tests at predicted conditions; demonstrates unequivocally superior performance.
• Anti-Surge, Optimized Digital Valve (ODV) Demonstration.
• Predictive Maintenance - Getting the most out of your AMS/FieldVue Smart Positioners.
• Additive Manufacturing - 3D printing of metal alloys.
• Digital Isolation Solutions - Specifically designed for critical applications where safety is imperative (SIS).

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