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Lubrication University Coming October 5 & 7

September 10, 2021

Lubrication University Coming to Schaumburg & Des Moines

Lubrication is a small portion of maintenance spend, yet is has a HUGE impact on maintenance costs. Join us for this opportunity for free expert advice, the latest technology, and useful real-world experience. Subject matter topics include:

■ Tools for controlling contamination of lubricants. 

■ Setting up assets for maximum life and performance from clean, proper lubrication.

■ Five reasons why point-of-care (on-site) oil analysis makes sense.

■ Minilab solutions for industry -- popular choices.

■ Point-of-care oil analysis for industrial data management: best practices.

NOTE: This event will be offered in Schaumburg, IL on October 5 and also in Des Moines, IA on October 7, 2021.

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