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Effective Data Management Webinar coming July 8

June 24, 2021

Effective Data Management

How concerned should I be about future-proofing my OT data environment?   
It’s crucial your digitalization initiatives deliver measurable results in key areas so that you can optimize production, ensure reliability, enhance safety and cut energy costs across your operations. To realize these outcomes, your data infrastructure needs to not only be secure but also efficient and sustainable.  The question many are considering is what do we need to do today to ensure that we can scale to meet our data needs two years, five years, and beyond?   
Please join us on July 8, at 12:30 PM for a one-hour webinar and demonstration addressing how data infrastructure and management practices will enable (or prevent) desired outcomes. 

The following topics will be highlighted: 
  • Best practices for secure OT and IT integration using a minimum number of ports
  • Why are there so many IoT protocols?
  • Efficient storage of data of all types
  • Storage efficiency is important but retrieval efficiency is critical for user success (and satisfaction!)
  • What should I consider to best organize OT data for Data Mining, Analytics, and Machine Learning tools?
  • Available options for real-time data visualization and reporting
For a preview, please take a look at this recent article in Plant Services highlighting Emerson’s data management solution: Data Lake Technologies: Bridging the gap between OT and IT 

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