Valve Diagnostics

Valve Diagnostics

When your plant is running at peak efficiency, meeting production goals is easy. When things start to break down, taking systems offline and leading to system downtime, it not only strains your maintenance budget, but it can have a negative effect on your overall assets. Novaspect’s complete suite of diagnostic tools can help you better prepare for system downtime, maximizing your maintenance budget dollars and keeping your plant running smoothly.

Planning for Maintenance

Have you ever had a shutdown for needed repairs get repeated just a short time later for another component in the same system? If you had only known at the time of the initial shutdown, repairs and maintenance to the entire system could have been performed at the same time, reducing system downtime and saving you money. That’s where Novaspect comes in, helping you better track your asset health, resulting in the best use of your maintenance budget.

Our Novaspect engineers bring a number of tools to bear when it comes to diagnosing your system’s health. Tools like:

  • ValveLink
  • Acoustic emission seat leak detection
  • AMS Intelligent Device Manager
  • Spray nozzle testing


Our team can perform both on-line and off-line testing to give you the best picture of your plant’s health possible. With the raw data, you can better plan for repair downtime and maintenance costs. You will never have to worry about unforeseen component failure taking your plant offline for unscheduled maintenance.

We can handle repairs for you as well, with a team certified to repair electric actuation, control valves, safety relief valves and actuators to OEM standards. With Novaspect on your team, the overall risk of equipment failure is reduced, helping you stay productive.

Contact our team at Novaspect today, and discover for yourself how a complete diagnostic picture can help you increase plant uptime and efficiency for your business.

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