Loop Tuning

Loop Tuning

Improving process control and enhancing product uniformity are two of the driving forces behind loop tuning, the name given to the optimization of control loops. Loop tuning is simple and inexpensive, and can help remedy performance problems and overall operations.

While everyone approaches loop tuning differently, at Novaspect we practice lambda tuning, a universal approach utilizing Proportional-Integrative-Derivative (PID), the most common feedback control algorithm. This approach has been shown to be effective across thousands of control loops in many industries.

  • Refining
  • Oil & gas
  • Power production
  • Life sciences
  • Pulp & paper
  • Metals & mining
  • Pipeline manufacturing

Lambda tuning differs greatly from tuning methods that accentuate speed, instead aiming for a robust control loop that seeks to enhance stability, even if parameters and characteristics change from the variables used to originally loop tune the system. Lambda-tuned control loops absorb these changes easily, keeping the rest of the process running smoothly.

Lambda tuning also allows for any errors made during step testing, and minimizes the effect they may have on the final settings. Additionally, the process variable won’t overshoot its set point after a disturbance or change. Overall system stability is augmented.

Instead of just relying on the hard numbers and data, our team of engineers at Novaspect will take a hands-on approach, consisting of eight steps:

  1. Understand your objectives
  2. Prioritize control loops
  3. Step test
  4. Resolve hardware issues
  5. Repeat step test
  6. Calculate parameters
  7. Set parameters and observe
  8. Reevaluate process over time and perform follow-up tuning

While your plant process control system may be very different from other control loops we have worked with, there is also a depth of experience our team will bring to your project. We’ll get to know your plant from the ground up, allowing us to supplement the information the hard data provides.

All those moving parts that are integral to your control loop degrade over time, and that can influence the efficacy of your loop tuning. Novaspect will keep you running efficiently with follow-up tuning, evaluating your system for changing process dynamics, tuning parameters and operating objectives.

Improved process control and enhanced product uniformity are easily within your plant’s reach. For a loop tuning approach that makes sense for your process control operation, contact our team at Novaspect.

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