Metals & Mining

Metals and Mining

Novaspect and Emerson Process Management professionals experienced in your steel and mining solutions are ready to work with you to solve problems, satisfy your needs, and improve your processes.

Mine and Pit

Whether it is dragline bearing failure, inconsistent rate of depletion of the ore body, rotating equipment failures, excessive wear and tear on valves, variations in quality and quantity levels, or many other process problems, our engineers can improve results in the following areas:

  • Extraction
  • Materials handling
  • Stock piles
  • Underground

Feed Preparation

The challenges in feed prep include bottlenecks, frequent starting and stopping of rotating equipment, high energy consumption, excessive steel ball consumption, plugging and overflow from feed variations, sampling challenges and many other areas of unexpected downtime. We can keep downtime to a minimum and provide solutions in the following areas:

  • Communitation
  • Concentration/separation


Moving and storing iron ore, taconite, limestone and coal over cranes, conveyors, unloaders, motors and belts can have all sorts of problems. Novaspect engineers can help with throughput, availability, operation and maintenance of these systems.

Lime Plant

Mechanical failure of gears, bearings and pumps due to vibration, excessive moisture in slurry, increased fuel consumption in drying process, regulatory reporting and compliance, energy costs of flaring of waste are all problems associated with crushing, slurrying, pulverizing, and drying lime. Novaspect can help reduce waste and increase uptime.

Coke Plant

Novaspect engineers can provide solutions to improve availability and throughput in the following processes:

  • Heat rate in the charger and charge volume visibility
  • Monitoring of gases for safety, health and environmental
  • Accurate leak detection of systems under pressure or suction to distribute gasses
  • Accurate charging of oven battery
  • Properly heating coke can improve energy usage and reduce waste
  • Monitor temperature of coke to determine when to push it
  • Accurate quenching of burning coke
  • Controlling a gradual cooling
  • Coke quality tests
  • Proper application of fuel oil during coke preparation

Reduction Byproducts

  • Gas recovery and processing
  • Sulphur plant

Sintering Plant

  • Coke fines recycling
  • Forming limestone and ore slurry
  • Recipe management
  • Heat recovery process

Iron Making

Novaspect can provide solutions during the iron making process in the areas of charging hoppers, turbo blowers, content drop prevention, and furnace brick heat protection.

Steel Making

Novaspect engineers can improve availability, throughput, operations and maintenance in basic oxygen steelmaking / furnaces (BOS or BOF) and electric arc furnace (EAF) steel making. They understand the importance of:

  • Accurate oxygen flow measurement and control
  • Tight shutoff of oxygen valves
  • Monitoring heat of steel or batch
  • Tight shutoff for water cooled oxygen lances
  • Minimizing the turndown of vessel to extend bearing life and increase production
  • The gas cleaning process

Steel Processing

  • Refining (ladle metallurgy)
  • AOD: Argon, Oxygen Degassing
  • Slab casting steel. (Billet or blooms)

Hot Mill

  • Reheat furnaces (HDR)
  • Roughing mill


Whether it is the cold mill process, pickling process or galvanizing (EGL or hot dip), Novaspect engineers understand the importance of oil holding-tank level protection and leak detection, monitoring strength of acid baths, measuring pickling strength using pH, and the application of ceramic valves.


We help improve results in the following areas:

  • Boilers
  • Turbo-blower
  • Off-gas & dust
  • Power & steam generation
  • Water and waste water
  • Supply & distribution
  • Fuel mixing
  • Deaeration (DA)
  • Boiler feedpumps (steam turbine and motor-driven
  • Air preheating
  • Combustion