Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Novaspect has unsurpassed expertise and capabilities in all aspects of automation and information systems related to the production, transmission, and processing of oil and gas products. With leading industry and automation expertise, Novaspect helps clients optimize their oil and gas operations and ensure the most efficient use of capital and resources.


Onshore Exploration & Production
Novaspect has the right expertise to allow you to produce efficiently and optimally whether you are in a heavy oil or coal seam gas environment. Producing from a single wellhead or a multiple well-pad we can provide solutions that bring your well online faster, reduce your operational costs and optimize production


Gas Processing
Gas processing presents multiple challenges and requires continuous diligence to ensure optimal energy consumption, small disturbances can have a large impact on production efficiency.

Transportation & Pipelines
The transportation of Oil, Gas or Petroleum Product by pipeline whether it is onshore or offshore represent enormous challenges from corrosion monitoring to compression and boosting.

Lease Automated Custody Transfer 

The economic impact of custody transfer in the oil and gas industry is huge. Transferred fluids are expensive, so producers, carriers and end users want to make sure that quantity and quality are measured precisely. Also, as taxes and royalties are calculated on these values, measurement accuracy and reproducibility are legal requirements. Novaspect is providing a mobile Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) system on oil trucks approved by the North Dakota Industrial Commission (NDIC). The benefits are twofold: accuracy and  safety. The primary benefit is to reduce production costs by increasing accuracy of measurement. Current estimates of manual tank gauging inaccuracies range from 0.5% to 1% or greater. Mobile LACT units for custody transfer offer measurement accuracy of 0.25% or better. This comes from not just the meter, but from the choice of all the necessary instrumentation and devices integrated in the system. Safety: The second important benefit is reduced exposure of personnel to safety risks and hazards. These include exposure to deadly H2S gas, natural gas vapors, prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures, as well as the danger of climbing on tanks with potential for slips and falls.

Mobile Truck LACT Features & Benefits


The use of storage facilities for Oil, Gas and Petroleum Product is critical to ensure that in times of high demand, demand for availability can be met.
Using Emerson Process Management’s Intelligent Fields solutions, Novaspect can help ensure data is received in real time and in easy-to-use formats, enabling you to resolve problems in a collaborative environment while achieving optimal and unbroken production.You need the right information, delivered at the right time, to the right person, so you can:

  • Identify risky operating conditions
  • Provide true real-time operational data to onshore operations centers
  • Share that data with subject matter experts, regardless of location
  • Enable dynamic production optimization – including model predictive control
  • Identify changes in equipment performance
  • Remotely monitor real-time asset health for predictive maintenance practices
  • Provide specific, targeted information to maintenance personnel on equipment problems
  • Streamline compliance documentation and reporting