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Reliability Simulation
Reliability Simulation

Reliability Simulation

Course 6005
June 5, 2023
Green Bay, WI

The Reliability Simulation is a way for participants to understand how each team member has a role to play in reliability. Once complete, participants will understand and have the tools to apply the reliability process. They’ll also be able to organize and assemble a reliability strategy to apply in their organization.

Who Should Attend?
The simulation is intended for anyone involved in:
● Performing Maintenance and Reliability Task
● Managing a Maintenance and Reliability Team
● Maintenance and Reliability Engineering
● Planning and Scheduling Maintenance and Reliability Task
● Problem eliminations
● Driving downtime down and increasing uptime and improving OEE

In this simulation, participants will:
● See how 80% of reactive maintenance can be eliminated
● Overcome situations where all problems are emergencies
● Develop and document equipment history
● Develop Backlog Management
● Develop Spare Parts Management
● Work with production to release equipment for PM’s and drive up Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
● Set up a reliability team which will evolve to planning work against
predictive technologies instead of fixing what is visible

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