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Machinery Health PEAKVUE™ Analysis & Autocorrelation

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Chanhassen, MN
  • Chanhassen, MN
    Apr 26, 2022 - Apr 28, 2022
    Three Days
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Machinery Health PEAKVUE Analysis & Autocorrelation

Machinery Health PEAKVUE Analysis & Autocorrelation

This 3-day course provides insight into advanced functionality of Emerson’s unique PEAKVUE™ technology and Autocorrelation. Machine vibrations generate both macro and microscopic vibrations, and microscopic vibrations generate stress waves that have frequency ranges determined by the mass of impacting object. The properties of these stress waves will be explained.The Autocorrelation section of the course will teach power of autocorrelation coefficient function for analysis of vibration induced time wave form data. The autocorrelation function data generally are computed from same time wave form data used to compute spectrum. The strengths of autocorrelation data are complimentary to strengths of spectral data. This course makes use of both case studies from real-life examples of common faults and live demonstrations, illustrating specific mounting procedures to reliably detect certain faults. The difference between PEAKVUE techniques and demodulation will also be demonstrated. Download detailed flyer.