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FIELDVUE Digital Valve Controller Using 475 Communicator

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Novaspect Training Center in Schaumburg, IL
  • Schaumburg, IL
    Sep 26, 2023 - Sep 28, 2022
    3 days
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FIELDVUE Digital Valve Controller Setup & Diagnostics
Course 1750

FIELDVUE Digital Valve Controller Setup & Diagnostics

using 475 Field Communicator & ValveLink software

(3.2 CEUs) This course is for technicians, engineers, and others responsible for installing, configuring, calibrating, and basic troubleshooting of FIELDVUE digital valve controllers using 475 Field Communicator and ValveLink Software. This course is a combination of 1751 and 1752 taken in the same week.

The course provides the fundamental skills necessary to install and mount a FIELDVUE?digital valve controllers onto a Sliding Stem and Rotary Valve / Actuator, and to configure and calibrate FIELDVUE instruments using the 475 Field Communicator. Students will also be able use ValveLInk software to run diagnostics.

Control valve experience and/or course 1400, 1300, 1710, or 1451.

  • FIELDVUE Digital Valve Controller Theory of Operation
  • FIELDVUE Instrument Installation
  • 475 Field Communicator Configuration and Calibration
  • Control Loop Wiring Practices
  • Introduction to ValveLink
  • ValveLink Tag and Database Issues
  • Configuration and Calibration with ValveLink
  • ValveLink Diagnostics
  • ValveLink Performance Diagnostics
  • Instrument Troubleshooting using ValveLink