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A Case Study on Advanced Control System Deployment
A Case Study on Advanced Control System Deployment


A global leader in water and process management solutions that works across a broad spectrum of industries to reduce their customer’s natural resource consumption, increase their sustainability, and boost their productivity.


The customer was manually controlling 17 instruments at their pilot processing facility and had already selected the ControlLogix Control System by Rockwell Automation’s Allen-Bradley product line, but plant management couldn’t find an experienced system integrator to commit to completing the implementation project on the strict timeline that they needed.


Due to the customer’s longstanding relationship and history with purchasing valves, valve repair and maintenance, reliability services, and DeltaV systems solutions, plant management consulted their contacts at Novaspect for guidance and recommendations.

Understanding the critical nature of the project's requirements and the customer’s strict deadline, Novaspect’s Systems Services Solution team stepped in to fill the gap left by other service providers and committed key resources to complete the scope of work.

Within 2.5 months, the engineers and project managers at Novaspect successfully configured and integrated the customer’s new control system and completed the installation during the required one-week window.


The swift and successful implementation of the ControlLogix control system was a defining moment for the pilot plant processing plant to modernize its facility and advance its technological integration in ways that align with its sustainability and efficiency goals.

Post-implementation, feedback from the operators has been unanimously positive, and the project led to immediate operational improvements, notably in cycle times, which significantly eased the workload on staff and enhanced overall efficiency.

Furthermore, this project serves as a powerful illustration of Novaspect’s ability to address and resolve the complex engineering challenges facing customers, reinforcing the company’s reputation as a reliable partner and trusted advisor, capable of delivering innovative solutions under tight timelines.

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