Service Team Revives an Idled Power Plant and Adds SSOOK USD to Producer’s Annual Revenue


  • Saved $500,000 USO by repairing-rather than replacing-control valves

    “Emerson provided on-site support for our large-scale, year-long turnaround and helped ensure that all the valves were properly applied and reliable. We could not be happier with their performance.”
    Plant Manager
    Energy Generating Center
  • Provided an on-site service manager to plan and execute the project with support from local pipe-fitters
  • Completed a major turnaround on schedule and within budget


Control valves for gas and steam turbines at a combined-cycle plant


An energy-generating center in Illinois, USA


Construction of a power generating plant began in 2000, but halted abruptly when the previous owner went bankrupt. About 60 complete, the facility sat idle for nearly ten years-until a new owner bought it and sought support for its completion. How do you resurrect a gas-fired, combined-cycle generation facility from a ten-year grave? Critters and rust invaded the site when its new owner launched a major turnaround.

Emerson was among several suppliers competing for the revamp but quickly gained preference as a one-stop source for all the resources needed for the overhaul. The project would require diagnostic tests and repairs of existing valves; on-site services including project management, maintenance tracking, and commissioning; as well as the installation of new equipment to support a generating capacity of 580 megawatts.

The new owner gained confidence in Emerson’s strong, local, integrated team including application engineers from Novaspect and lifecycle service technicians, trained and experienced with Fisher™ products. Ultimately, Emerson was chosen to provide a comprehensive package of products and services to get the plant completed and running.


The scope of Emerson’s on-site services at the plant included:

  • The coordination of multiple construction groups, from the engineering contractor to local pipe-fitters;
  • The supply of process automation equipment including an Ovation™ control system and Fisher control valves, instruments, and regulators;
  • An execution plan to meet the plant managers’ goals, schedule, and budget;
  • A valve service project manager, who coordinated the on-site repairs of 65 existing gate, globe, check, isolation, manual, and relief valves from multiple manufacturers;
  • The installation of 23 new Fisher control valves and desuperheaters for severe service applications such as turbine bypass, sky vent, and feedwater control. Many of the assemblies featured custom trim and FIELDVUE™ DVC6200-PD digital valve controllers with Performance Diagnostics.

When the turnaround began, Emerson’s project team took a repair­rather-than-replace approach to the control valve work. That strategy saved the investor at least $500,000 USD. Throughout the 18-month turnaround, the project team focused on reliability and leveraged service team’s six-step outage management process. Certified technicians supervised the on-site repairs and entered details into a maintenance database. They were able to track the repairs by tag number, document the “as-found” condition of each valve, and generate progress reports.
The support provided by Novaspect and Emerson enabled this power producer to complete the revamp on schedule and within budget.


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