Fluid Sealing

Fluid Sealing

Novaspect is proud to be an exclusive Chesterton distributor for Illinois (North/East), Indiana (Northwest), Michigan (U.P.), and Wisconsin. Our mission is to help our customers operate with certainty through reducing emissions, improving reliability, improving safety, increasing production throughput, and improving quality. To do this, we provide customer valued fluid sealing solutions through the innovative application of technology. Our reliability specialists and inside sales engineers, along with Chesterton’s engineering and customer service teams, collaborate with our customers on the application engineering for the proper selection and installation of Mechanical Seals, Packing, Polymer Seals, Composite Coatings, as well as industrial lubricants and MRO Chemicals. See Chesterton Core Catalog.


We can help you achieve your plant and corporate initiatives in the following areas:

Improving Reliability:

o   Extends the time between replacement of seals, packing, and gaskets

o   Extends the useful life of pumps, mixers, and tanks

Improving Safety and Reducing Emissions

o   Reduces or eliminates leaks

o   Minimizes emissions – liquid, gas, steam

Reducing Water Consumption & Energy Usage

o   Reduced seal water consumption by limiting flow or leveraging barrier tanks

o   Engineered sealing solutions reduce flush water from entering the process

Mechanical Seals

A comprehensive line of seals that are seen as the industry standard for sealing pumps, mixers, reactors, dryers and other rotating equipment.

Mechanical Packing

Mechanical Packing and Gaskets for reliable service for sealing rotating, reciprocating and stationary equipment.

Polymer Seals

Polymer Seals, a broad range of industrial standard and custom seals for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Rotating Equipment.

ARC Composite Coatings

ARC Composite Coatings, a comprehensive line of coatings for Metal and Concrete surface Erosion/ Corrosion control and Flooring Systems.

Industrial Lubricants / MRO Chemicals

Industrial Lubricants / MRO Chemicals, a broad range of Cleaners, Lubricants, Metal Working Fluids and Maintenance Specialty products.

Chemical Facility Expanded & Modernized With Digital Process Automation


  • Novaspect provided project implementation leadership to train a relatively inexperienced project team to achieve industry best practices.
  • Customer operation experienced an improved line startup relative to similar startup projects.
  • A measurably high-quality resin was produced in the first batch after line startup.


Automated, distributed control system for industrial organic processing of specialty chemicals


Specialty contract chemical manufacturer, producing epoxy resins and other epichlorohydrin derivatives as well as other reaction and distillation services.


The customer was expanding their facility with an additional processing reactor train housed in a new building requiring Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) intrinsically safe for hazardous conditions. All primary vessels and associated pumps, piping and control systems were custom manufactured for this service and are located within the new building. The epichlorohydrin bulk storage tanks, located in a remote external tank farm, were designed to meet the specialty chemical contract requirements. Compared to “typical” batch epoxy reactors, the primary reactor is relatively large at 12,500 gal. which provides high throughput. A second 12,500 gal. vessel serves as a versatile container for additional secondary reaction and treatment as needed for solvent washing and vacuum stripping of epichlorohydrin or solvent with azeotrope recovery. A third 12,500 gal. vessel adds additional post reaction flexibility.


Novaspect engineers collaborated with the customer team to design a DeltaV control system fitted to the new batch process and reactor train. Despite the advantages of a brownfield expansion, the project had a tight schedule and budget constraints. The custom configuration included DeltaV Characterization Module (CHARMS)Technology with AMS and DeltaV Batch. AMS Device Manager helps avoid unnecessary costs with a universal window into the health of intelligent field devices. It gives maintenance and operations personnel the ability to work smarter. Based on real-time condition data from intelligent field devices, plant staff can respond fast and make informed decisions on whether to maintain or replace equipment or field devices.


  • Novaspect engineers provided project implementation leadership and best practices to train a relatively inexperienced customer project team.
  • Customer experienced a profitable line startup relative to similar startup projects in the past.
  • High quality results were produced on the first batch after startup.
  • Due to the success of this project, the customer has accelerated the modernization of this and other production facility sites with similarly designed DeltaV distributed control systems. In the words of the Plant Manager: “Novaspect’s process methodology enabled us to come in on time and have a saleable product with our first batch.”

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How to ensure plant safety with flame and detonation arrestors

A fire or explosion at a plant can cause serious property damage—not to mention project setbacks. With these risks in mind, it’s critical to use flame and detonation arrestors to ensure safe day-to-day operations, particularly within the oil and gas, chemical production, petrochemical and other industries that rely on explosive and inflammable chemicals.

If you’re seeking innovative pressure management technology to prevent fires and explosions, look no further than Novaspect. Our experienced engineers have worked with myriad companies to install high-quality flame and detonation arrestors produced by Emerson.

End-of-line flame arrestors

End-of-line flame arrestors are used externally and can be placed directly on the vent nozzle or at the end of a vent line. Ideal for atmospheric-pressure storage and transportation vessels, this type of arrestor prevents any flames in the vent from reaching the interior of the storage vessel.

Inline flame arrestors

Although inline flame arresters are always placed strategically on the inside of the piping, their exact location depends on the distance from the identified source of potential ignition. If the ignition source’s location hasn’t been identified, a detonation arrestor is a more appropriate choice.

Ensuring plant safety

Plant safety and operational efficiency start with pressure management for explosive and inflammable materials, which involves using pressure relief valves to prevent buildup in storage units. When layered on top of pressure regulators, flame and detonation arrestors act as an additional safety measure.

To select the arrestor that best fits your plant’s unique needs, Novaspect engineers carry out an in-depth plant analysis to identify specific safety risks. Factors considered during this risk assessment include:

  • Assets that require protection
  • Potential explosion risks
  • Potential explosion locations
  • Sources of ignition
  • Operating variables (e.g. pressure, temperature)

At Novaspect, our engineers work hand in hand with yours to install and test arrestors in conjunction with alarm systems, monitoring systems, automation systems, emergency response systems and pressure relief valves, all while taking into account ignition sources, pressure regulators and the explosive atmosphere.



A content management system for optimized workflows

Every company has documents that have valuable information. After a while, the documents pile up making it hard to keep track of valuable information. You don’t need to worry about your document control and management. Novaspect has document management software solutions for all of your business needs. Document Control and Archiving(DCA) software is an electronic management software that improves an organizations workflow. DCA allows online management and creation of documents, sending the documents for approval, online approvals, retrieval, and storage.

Novaspect offers two types of DCA namely DCA Express for 50 users or less and Full DCA. Both packages come with certified software licenses and the necessary hardware. In addition, DCA is supported by a third party server which makes connecting the DCA software as easy as adding the server to your network. The software is pre-configured to further reduce the setup time and free consulting of up to 40 hrs. The free consulting can be used to set up additional users, further configuration or training. Other Syncade Suite application can be added to your DCA upon request.

Factors to consider

Performance: you need to select a system that offers the most advanced caching, has the best static content export capabilities, can handle load balancing well and perform other vital functions perfectly

Security: you will need to get a system your clients and staff can trust. There are a whole lot of security measures you could go for. These include email verification, captcha, content approval among others. Bottom line is security associated with the system you decide to get is very important

Simplicity: you would want to consider how easy it is to use a given system when you are deciding what content management system to use. Whether you are using the system to blog, trade or design, it goes without saying that you will be most attracted to the system that’s simplest and easiest to use


  1. Flexibility

    • EDMS can be accessed online by authorized users who have the necessary credentials. No more paperwork luggage for an out of town job. This increases efficiency since users can view documents in the system and print only the required documents. Several DCA systems can be connected to the same network to improve information sharing.
  2. Optimize workflows

    • EDMS can be used to create workflows and send them for approvals. Workflows can be authorized online by the appropriate approvers. Workflow reviewers and approvers can get an email notification every step of the process. Documents can be signed and stamped electronically. An option for stamping includes PDF watermarks during reviewing and printing.
  3. Close monitoring of user activity

    • EDMS records every activity in the system. It is easy to pull a user audit trail and see what that user viewed. This is an important feature that allows the restriction to unauthorized users from displaying sensitive information. It also reduces the printouts made since everything printed by any user is logged. This, in turn, reduces the cost of printing to an organization.


The DCA made by Novaspect is fully compliant with FDA policies and 21 CFR part 11. This high-quality EDMS is the ultimate solution to optimizing an organizations workflow. The system is easy to train, user-friendly, cost-efficient and guaranteed to improve your workflows. Do not hesitate to contact Novaspect for all your content management solutions.

Commissioning your plant operations for increased performance!

At Novaspect, we understand that commissioning is critical for optimal plant performance. One can have the latest machinery, the best systems flow, and the most qualified technical staff but without proper commissioning plant operations are unlikely to hit peak performance. But don’t worry, we’ve got commissioning engineers who are trained and ready to make sure that all the presets and plant components are faultless and ready for maximum performance.

What is achieved through commissioning?

The process of commissioning ensures that plant operations meet set industry standards and the parameters of the client. The responsibilities of a commissioning engineer are vast, and he or she needs extensive knowledge of many physics principles, regulations, standards, controls and functions.

Why commissioning is key in engineering plant performance

  1. It reduces project risks: Any given plant has its associated risks. Proper commissioning/ ensuring that all systems are ready to go minimizes the possibility of internal risks becoming a reality. Thus, with commissioning, the possibility of costly and time-wasting risks occurring is significantly reduced.
  2. Efficiency: Commissioning ensures maximum possible efficiency through plant inspection. Most of the times clients often received projects that are not tested and tweaked for maximum efficiency. However, through site visits and plant inspections, a commissioning engineer can ensure that everything is set and ready to work as was expected.
  3. Commissioning checks can reveal safety issues: Safety is crucial to the success of any plant. To ensure that all staffs are working in the safest environment, safety inspections are often done on plant operations by commissioning engineers. Maximum workplace safety ensures less risk of injury and reduces the client’s exposure to damaging lawsuits.
  4. Savings: When plant operations are examined against a standard, there is the likelihood of saving a lot of money that could perhaps have been unnecessarily spent because of lack of efficiency. For instance, the examination/ inspection may reveal that an individual plant component could be dragging the system and therefore needs to be reworked or could be upgraded to bring about energy savings.
  5. Increased chances of owner satisfaction: A commissioned building increases the possibility of owner satisfaction. Most engineering firms experience some period in their project implementation in which they are not sure whether the client will like and be excited about the final project. However, through commissioning, engineers can ensure that all the set parameters are met. This increases the likelihood of owner satisfaction.
  6. Commissioning provides an extra set of eyes: Sometimes clients feel as if they already paid a contractor to put together their plant operations and that paying another person or firm to check out their operations is a duplication of duties. However, it is important to note that people do make honest mistakes. Sometimes because they are rushing to meet schedules or because someone did not fully complete his or her assigned tasks. There are so many potential areas of failure. Commissioning rigorously investigates plant operations to eliminate any problems that may force you to stop operations. This gives the client a peace of mind that everything is excellent and ready to go.

As you can see, there are many benefits to commissioning. Every client should ensure that they do it before launching their plant operations. Engineering firms should also have it at the back of their minds to ensure optimal plant operations. At Novaspect, it is our mission to try and guarantee peak performance. Engineers can ensure that their final projects are ready to go by getting us to thoroughly check plant operations for possibly machine and working defects.

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Mobile Valve Shop Brings Expertise to Customer Sites

Turnaround downtime can eat you alive

In this competitive economy, the difference between a profitable gas processing plant and a marginal one depends on efficiency and availability. So more than ever, reducing valve maintenance labor costs and downtime become critical to your bottom line.

As a result, the mobile valve repair shop has become a necessity to adjust to the demands of outage schedules and the need for skilled, certified valve technicians deployed on-site. Instead of transporting valves from each gas processing site to a remote repair location, leading processors want their testing and repair services on-site and on-demand.

To respond to this industry need, Midwest Valve Services (MVS), a Novaspect company, has launched it’s newly redesigned and equipped Mobile Valve Shop. As an extension of their certified valve repair facility located in Mandan, North Dakota, the 53-foot trailer is fully equipped with specialized tools and equipment to perform valve testing, repair, and maintenance. The MVS Mandan shop is authorized by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors to provide ASME Section I and VIII testing and repair of pressure relief valves in steam, air/gas, and liquid applications.

The MVS mobile valve shop provides the flexibility to accommodate unplanned repairs and make turnarounds more efficient. On-site machining, testing, and diagnostics capabilities minimize or eliminate unnecessary travel to remote locations to perform specific activities. The new trailer is self-sufficient and fully equipped with almost everything a valve technician needs, including power generation and compressed air.



MVS Mobile Valve Shop benefits:

  • Local Service: Dispatched from its Mandan, North Dakota base, the Mobile Valve Shop has easy access to the Bakken region customers’ sites.
  • Experience: MVS has a proven track record of expertise, trusted by significant industry companies who have used our services in their operations.
  • Range of Capability: MVS can test and repair a wide range of pressure relief valves installed on smaller 1/2-inch and up to larger 6×8 flange connections.
  • Convenience: Technicians perform on-site turnkey valve removal, testing, and reinstallation.
  • Reduced Downtime: Because valves don’t have to leave the site, the process takes less time.
  • Lower Inventory Costs: Since technicians can repair valves within a shorter time frame, fewer spares are required in stock.
  • Certification: Testing is performed on a portable test stand, in compliance with NBIC VR Program (National Board Inspection Code).
  • Identification & Traceability: Technicians utilize Class I Division II Field Tablets, along with Class I Division I Bluetooth barcode readers, accurate bar coding & tagging system.
  • Documentation: Technicians complete detailed record keeping of testing and repair reports. All information is tracked and managed in an online database.
  • NBIC VR Certified: Test and repair procedures are performed using calibrated instruments. Technicians can test, repair, and re-certify as required. If a valve fails, then it is rebuilt, retested, and repeated until acceptable.
  • Responsive & Timely: Mobile shop responds to demand, dispatched to site; capable of providing prompt services within a shorter window of opportunity, precisely where needed.
  • Capacity: 53-foot climate-controlled trailer is designed and equipped to accommodate a wide range of valves with temperature-controlled testing and repair conditions.
  • Entirely Self-Sufficient: The completely independent unit is self-contained, equipped with the onboard diesel generator and fully equipped to provide compressed air, electricity, and water. No additional plant support is required.

Expert Services & Ongoing Support

  • Capability: The mobile valve shop is equipped with valve industry specialized testing and repair equipment, plus tools onboard, including a lathe, full-size mill, media blasting equipment, test equipment, portable lapping equipment, calibration instruments, and maintenance reliability software. Expert Services & Ongoing Support
  • Expedient: The process requires minimal set-up and teardown in a convenient location selected by the customer.
  • Availability: The mobile shop is scheduled per customer requirements for three to six days, or as needed; emergency service is also available on request.
  • All Major Relief Valve Brands Are Serviced: including but not limited to Mercer, Consolidated, Wellmark, Anderson Greenwood, Crosby, Taylor, and Farris.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Midwest Valve Services at www.mwvalve.com or phone: 701-354-2121.

Introducing a fully automated valve test system!

Midwest Valve Services now uses the latest technology in pressure relief valve testing: AccuTEST. The fully automated valve test system utilizes a computer-controlled electric motor in conjunction with system pressure to verify set point. This test accurately determines if a valve lifts within set point tolerance.

Pressure Relief Valve Testing

The National Board Inspection Code requires pressure relief devices to be tested periodically to ensure they are free to operate in accordance with the requirements of the original code of construction. Testing shall include set point or opening pressure, and where applicable, seat leakage evaluation.

Importance of Testing

Insurance carriers and local jurisdictions have periodic testing
requirements. Routine testing will help ensure safe operation of your pressure relief device since it’s your last line of defense.

Lift-Assist Device

The AccuTEST system is a fully automated test system with several features that make it easier and safer for technicians to test valves in the field. Utilizing the industry’s most advanced software, this fully automated system virtually eliminates the possibility of human error throughout every stage of operation, from automatic sensor calibration to output of final test results. In addition, an acoustic signature can be recorded to help verify set point while normalizing background noise. An integrated database of valve specifications from all major valve manufacturers also allows new valve specs to be entered as needed.

Improved Reports

Valve test report formats include test information, test results, valve data (with complete valve history), valve maintenance history and calibration. Files are stored permanently in the computer for enhanced data management to enable convenient tracking, access, and print information. Initial test documentation can be provided immediately after testing is performed.

AccuTEST Advantages:

In addition to innovative features and benefits, the AccuTEST Pressure Relief
Device Test System comes complete with global support and service.

  • Set pressures automatically calculated by measuring lift force, line
    pressure, and acoustic trigger.
  • Universal mounting assembly enables use on all types of exposed spindle valves.
  • Load rig allows for lift forces up to 4,500 kg (10,000 lb).


Benefits of using Midwest Valve Services for managing your pressure relief valve population:

  • Experience: Over 200 years of combined experience in testing and
    repair of pressure relief devices.
  • Locations: Three valve repair shops throughout the Midwest.
  • On-site mobility: 53-foot mobile valve shop with self-contained systems for compressed air, water, and electrical.
  • ASME Section I /VIII VR Stamps; ASME Section VIII UV Assembly certificates.
  • Turnkey service with the ability to remove and reinstall.
  • Authorized assembler for new Anderson Greenwood™ and Crosby™ pressure relief valves.
  • Use our on-demand service for PRV pick-up and return.
  • Consider a Relief Valve Services Program for shutdown-turnaround-outage (STO) and day-to-day service.

The power of DeltaV: Here’s what you should know

In today’s business environment, integrated, and precision control over your operations is the key to increased efficiency, sustained growth and lower operational expenses. For manufacturers, engineers, and production plants having automated, integrated and distributed processes offers the most reliable channel for continued growth and business success.

In line with this goal, Emerson designed the DeltaV distributed control system (DCS), the heart of a comprehensive automation solution aimed at streamlining the efficiency of your operations by integrating various critical functions across your entire plant.

From process sensing and machinery health monitoring to boardroom analytics, Emerson provides the systems and tools to provide the decision integrity to run your facility at its full potential. With DeltaV, you can eliminate complexity and project risk with an easy and flexible modern automation system.

Here is what you should know about DeltaV:

Application across multiple industries

DeltaV is perfectly suited for a variety of process industries with thousands of successful deployments to control chemical, refining, oil and gas, industrial energy, combustion, metals and mining, pulp and paper, life sciences, renewable energy, campus utilities, and wastewater processes.

No matter your industry or application, DeltaV can improve your operations by harnessing today’s predictive technologies in an easy, intuitive, and interoperable way.

Multiple components of the digital ecosystem

DeltaV is part of Emerson’s Plantweb Digital Ecosystem.  Plantweb harnesses the power of Industrial IoT to expand digital intelligence to the entire manufacturing enterprise to help you achieve Operational Certainty.

Within Plantweb, DeltaV I/O collects and processes real-time data from your sensors and transmitters, digital valve controllers, variable frequency drives, motor control centers, and even wireless networks.  DeltaV controllers execute software to manage your process and ensure top performance in the areas of safety, reliability, production and energy management.  DeltaV interfaces provide your users with direct access to all operating information – including high performance operating displays, current process values, alarms, historical trending, and system-wide security.

With DeltaV you can drive actions with a higher level of precision, yielding more effective management and superior results and provide a clear business case for Industrial IoT investment.

Designed to suit your needs

DeltaV was purpose-built to address the specific needs of operations, engineering, and maintenance personnel.  DeltaV is easy to use with a standard state-of-the-art suite of products and services to increase your plant performance with intelligent control that is easy to operate and maintain.

DeltaV fits nearly every process application and the unique operations needs of your enterprise.  Whether your process is continuous, batch, or a hybrid, DeltaV provides an integrated environment that enables Operational Certainty.  For precision control, DeltaV incorporates configuration tools for control strategies including advanced control and high-performance graphics.

DeltaV engineering tools include drag-and-drop functionality, single-environment configuration, out-of-the-box templates, and a modular configuration library capability to redeploy configuration, reduce testing, and provide consistency.  DeltaV gives you the flexibility to implement your system how you want when you want, where you want.  For change management and validation, DeltaV has version control with audit trail – with check out, check in, and rollback options for managing configurations.

For maintenance and operations, DeltaV diagnostics, AMS Device Manager, Online configuration viewer, and Event Chronicle enable fast troubleshooting to keep the operation running smoothly.  This field diagnostic information is integrated within the control system so that your operations and maintenance personnel can quickly assess the condition of instruments, valves, and equipment to make real-time adjustments to sustain throughput and quality and protect the integrity and reliability of mechanical assets.  Moreover, through integration with Emerson’s AMS Device Manager, DeltaV allows you to significantly reduce commissioning time during startups.

For operations and management, DeltaV has a number of Advanced Visualization and Mobility options to stay fully aware – wherever your knowledge workers may be.  These tools include mobile worker, DeltaV Mobile and Plantweb Optics.

Scalable for growth

DeltaV adapts to meet your needs, expanding easily without adding complexity and offering an architecture that can grow along with your business.  DeltaV is scalable, with automation solutions designed for a small process skid with less than 25 I/O points to a sprawling chemical complex with over 1,000,000 I/O points.

For integrating with other systems or value-added software the DeltaV Alliance Program leverages Emerson partners who are recognized market leaders delivering best-in-class products that are endorsed for interoperability with the DeltaV platform.

The power of DeltaV is truly limitless as used by top industry performers to achieve Operational Certainty, deploying best practices and technologies that ensure safety, optimize production, minimize emissions, and improve the reliability of industrial assets.


When it comes to natural gas regulators, there’s only one name to know – Fisher. That’s why our team at Novaspect relies on Fisher natural gas regulators as part of our process control engineering. Fisher regulators are designed to handle gas and oil under the most demanding situations.

Fisher Regulators

You can’t afford the lost productivity or downtime that comes with regulator failure. Both Novaspect and Fisher adhere to the highest standards in the industry, with a commitment to innovative and reliable product design.

No matter what your industrial needs are, Fisher natural gas regulators are built to handle them. You can find them in stainless steel, steel, Monel, Hatelloy C, ethylenepropylene, fluoroelastomers, perfluoroelastomers and Teflon. All come NACE certified.

Deploying Fisher Gas Control Regulators

Novaspect has utilized Fisher regulators for transmission pipelines, city gate stations, farm taps, odorizing, and residence and commercial service regulators.

Whether involved in tank pressure, component manufacturing, analytical instrumentation, environmental compliance, or electric manufacturing, Fisher regulators come in a myriad of body sizes, orifice sizes, outlet pressure settings and connections.

Our Novaspect team can help you improve your process control design with the latest components from our partners at Fisher. Contact us today for help designing or upgrading a system with the latest innovations from Fisher.

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