Expanded Chemical Plant Process Controls to Yield Savings

Expanded Chemical Plant Process Controls to Yield Savings


  • The solution saved the customer two weeks worth of time and labor
  • The dollar value associated with this is a man-hour savings of $2,000
  • The resulting value to the operation was an additional 6.1 million pounds of product manufactured


Automated, distributed control system for industrial organic processing of specialty chemicals.


Specialty contract chemical manufacturer, producing sulfur dioxide as well as other reaction and distillation services.


This involved the installation of a new sulfur burner system at the facility. The production process burns molten sulfur to create sulfur dioxide (SO2) which then is absorbed in towers converting it to ammonia bisulfite (ABS). Ammonium bisulfate, also known as ammonium hydrogen sulfate, is a white, crystalline solid with formula HSO4. It is the product of the half-neutralization of sulfuric acid by ammonia (formula: (NH4)HSO4). The ABS is used to make ammonium thiosulfate (ATS), which is used as a component in fertilizer. This facility’s chemical processing system is automatically controlled by Emerson DeltaV and CHARacterization Module (CHARM) technology. DeltaV is a distributed control system that helps improve operations by harnessing predictive technologies in an easy, intuitive, and interoperable way. Emerson Asset Management Software (AMS) was also an integral part of the installation success. AMS provides a single application for predictive diagnostics, documentation, calibration management, and device configuration for managing field instruments and digital valve controllers.


Since this was a new installation of an expansion of plant capabilities, Novaspect engineers recommended AMS as a commissioning tool. By using its capabilities, we provided additional value to the commissioning with instrumentation set up, configuration and troubleshooting.

Benefits & Measurable Results

Combining the DeltaV CHARMs solution with AMS and the DeltaV Batch program, the operation gained measurable benefits:

  • The solution saved the customer two weeks worth of time and labor. The dollar value associated with this is a man-hour savings of $2K. The resulting value to the operation was an additional 6.1 million pounds of product manufactured.
  • Customer experienced improved startup time relative to other comparable startups.
  • Benefits of diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities will shorten future repair cycles, as required.
  • Process time-savings: To comply with standard procedures, technicians normally need hot-work permits to open any control cabinets. By using AMS they can bypass the permitting process and enter electronically via DeltaV, thereby avoiding physical entry into cabinets, all accomplished by using a HART communicator. The results yielded valuable time savings.
  •  Due to the success of this project, the customer has accelerated the use of AMS at other production facilities.

Plant Manager: “During the commissioning phase of the project, representatives from Novaspect help set up the DeltaV system. In that time, we were taught the ins-and-outs of AMS, including the alarm features and instrument templates. This provided valuable information for us to make commissioning and troubleshooting more efficient. The success of this project relied heavily on the knowledge shared about AMS to provide live diagnostics of instrumentation and how to correlate them to issues seen in the process.”

Contact us today to discuss how Novaspect can improve the profitability of your operation.

How to improve natural gas distribution with Novaspect

Novaspect is a prominent provider of measurement, engineering, repair and regulation solutions to the natural gas delivery, transportation and storage markets. Through our partnership with Emerson Process Management, we are well positioned to meet our clients’ natural gas process control, engineering and support needs.

Process control applications

Our highly skilled engineering consultants will work with you to optimize your process and equip your team with the expertise, knowledge, and technology you need to improve performance. Novaspect aims to increase reliability and maximize safety through the provision of customized and pre-packaged solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements, while simultaneously leveraging analytics to yield enhanced performance and management insight.

Pressure regulators and control valves

At Novaspect, we understand that process control requires technologically advanced valves and regulators—that’s why we use Fisher pressure regulators and control valves automated with actuators, indicators and limit switches. Valves play a critical role in natural gas distribution, reducing gas leakage and emissions that, if unregulated, may lead to significant negative atmospheric effects. With this in mind, we ensure our valves and controllers bleed zero gas under reliable conditions and minimal gas while in transit, thereby helping you meet environmental objectives.

Control systems

Through our partnership with Emerson, Novaspect assures safety and reliability with the DeltaV control system. Definitively designed for your process control applications, DeltaV’s safety instrumentation system offers the following features:

  • Optimum process reliability
  • Simple safety lifecycle management
  • Affordable installation

Areas of expertise

Novaspect is well versed in numerous aspects of the natural gas industry, including the following:

  • Pressure regulators and control valves
  • Remote automation
  • Lines and pilot heaters, including supply gas heating while in transit
  • Filters and separators that facilitate gas treatment by filtering excessive hydrocarbons within a gas stream
  • Engineering services
  • Repair services, including valve repair outsourcing

At Novaspect, we pride ourselves on assisting our customers in profiting from automation technologies, as well as helping you detect other safety risks and improve your processes according to industry best practices. To access automation assets, increase performance and maximize safety while distributing natural gas, contact us today.


Improve network firewall security with DeltaV

Cybersecurity is an ongoing concern for many companies, but the DeltaV system will ease your worries. DeltaV helps you comply with current security policies and creates a secure network that protects your information from cyber threats.

How DeltaV works

Incorporated security attributes

DeltaV creates an independent control system network that is isolated from your other networks, using the latest operating system to harden templates and disable idle services to optimize security.

Survey and maintenance devices

DeltaV monitors and manages network devices, facilitating regular system repairs and damage assessment on secured workstations so physical access to equipment is not required, which reduces the risk of breach. By ensuring there are no open network ports, the potential for unauthorized access is eliminated.

Upgraded system availability

All network equipment delivered with DeltaV is thoroughly tested and supported to eliminate incompatibility issues during implementation and running. In addition, problem-solving is easier and quicker with DeltaV, as the system can easily invalidate component compatibility issues.


DeltaV firewall controller

Installed between embedded nodes and workstations, the DeltaV firewall controller provides increased protection against message flooding and cyber attacks. As a plug-and-play device, the controller does not require management and has the ability to deliver increased security without an IP address and a disabled web interface. Keep in mind that this device is intended to provide supplemental protection to a system already following cybersecurity best practices.

Benefits associated with using the DeltaV firewall controller include:

  • Additional protection: If a security risk evaluation establishes the need for reinforced cyberattack protection, installation of the firewall controller may reduce potential threats.
  • Easy installation: The firewall controller is set up to conform to the DeltaV communication rules. Simply connect the network cables to activate this layer of protection.
  • Extra security: Whether you’re looking to shore up protection during the initial system setup or at a later date, safeguards can be implemented at any time.

DeltaV network smart firewall

This combined intrusion detection system and perimeter firewall are designed for easy installation and perimeter security maintenance. In addition to its straightforward interface of user-friendly setup menus, the DeltaV network smart firewall security offering has the following benefits:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Meets new security standards
  • Simple to install and maintain

Database security breaches can have disastrous consequences, which makes it imperative to protect a company’s control systems and network connections against cyber threats. The DeltaV system meets this need in the form of powerful, cost-effective, easy-to-use software and hardware.

Sustainable development of the renewable energy space

Eco-focused companies have been working to perfect the production of renewable energy for years. Although it is now possible to produce renewable energy on a mass scale, high production costs continue to be a challenge, which in turn affect the cost of the end product. As a result, high-priced renewable energy frequently has a tough time competing with lower-priced oil and natural gas offerings. At Novaspect, we understand that the future of the potential energy industry depends heavily on having the ability to streamline operations in a cost-effective manner across a wide range of renewable energy areas, including ethanol production, solar energy conversion and biogas.

Why choose Novaspect?

At Novaspect, we have confidence in renewable energy as a long-term energy solution. With this in mind, we aim to assist renewable energy companies in becoming reliable energy producers and gaining a competitive advantage over producers of other forms of energy. With a high market demand forecast for renewable energy, the main challenge is cost, meaning that implementing a streamlined production process will likely yield an exponential growth in market share.

The Novaspect technique involves leveraging the operational certainty model of Emerson Automation Solutions—a technique proven to improve reliability, minimize emissions, optimize production and increase safety. We will work with you to improve overall plant performance through the implementation of the Emerson Plantweb Digital Ecosystem, which will decrease your operations- and maintenance-related costs and ensure all inputs are highly utilized to minimize wastage.

Benefits of working with Novaspect

Thanks to a background in working with a number of reputable renewable energy producers, Novaspect’s experts have amassed a wealth of knowledge on applying innovative techniques and cutting-edge technological approaches to optimize your operations and improve your bottom line. Companies in the ethanol industry should consider working with Novaspect to unlock the following benefits:

  • Optimization of continuous processes while combating common operational challenges in milling, cooking, liquefaction, distilling, evaporation, heat exchangers and blending—just to name a few.
  • Minimization of overall fuel consumption in boiler rooms and drying processes, which is achieved without affecting overall production and ultimately yields major energy savings.
  • Reduction of pressure swings with our proven pressure control strategies, as well as assistance with the expert tuning of regulators, relief valves, rank blanketing and more to protect your machines from pressure-related damage and ensure appropriate pressure management.
  • Well-monitored process management from procurement to actual production, achieved using our control system design and implementation services.
  • Effective plant management through the use of machinery protection systems for rotary equipment and personnel, including predictive maintenance and alarm management.

Let a team of experts from Novaspect conduct an assessment and help you improve your renewable energy plant performance by deploying a range of tools and equipment such as alarm management, the Plantweb Advisor Series, support plans, prediction and protection systems, valve and instrument services, asset life extension, Plantweb Digital Ecosystems and more.

Resolving bottlenecks in the refining industry

No matter what segment of the refining industry you are in, maximizing efficiency and increasing throughput are the keys to profit maximization. At Novaspect, we take your company’s manufacturing uptime just as seriously as you do, and we go the extra mile to help you find solutions that improve all facets of your process. Whether you’re looking to streamline processing, transmission or production, we’ll help you optimize your overall approach for maximum efficiency.

We understand refining

One of the problems we keep seeing again and again in the refining industry involves bottlenecks developing where integrated systems are concerned. Just one component that isn’t sized correctly or has too short a lifespan can create havoc for your whole system. Our years of expertise coupled with our capability to deliver can help alleviate these system choke points with innovative design and properly installed solutions.

Recently our team of professionals was called upon to help find a permanent solution for a large refinery processor plagued with bottlenecks that were having a detrimental effect on operational efficiency and cutting into the plant’s possible profits.

Finding solutions

The problem involved the plant’s gas-oil hydrotreater (GOHT) and distillate hydrotreater (DHT) in the production of light cycle gas oil (LCGO). The high-pressure separator let-down service was constantly being flagged as a system constraint, resulting in a system shutdown.

Further compounding the problem was an incredibly short lifespan on both valves. Valve and trim washout, coupled with the excessive vibration of the two valves, were creating packing problems and premature yoke failure. This was being caused by improper valve sizing, which resulted in choked flow conditions. Necessary repair and replacement of the valves was taking the whole system offline every 15 months, greatly impacting the company’s bottom line.

That’s before Novaspect got involved.

Our team wasted little time diagnosing the problem and quickly collaborated with system engineers to devise a solution that solved a number of the plant’s issues. First, we dug into the whole system to understand the complete set of conditions that went into creating the underlying problem. The outgassing conditions were present in both normal and temporary feel slate conditions.

Innovating solutions

Once we had a better idea of the valve flow coefficient required, the solution wasn’t far behind: Novaspect designed a customized Fisher HPAS valve specifically for this company’s process. The valve’s body was redesigned to meet the piping and material requirements of our client, as well as to prevent the choked flow, vibration and erosion that had been wreaking havoc.

The impact that Novaspect’s solution had on our client’s process system was evident almost immediately after the new valves had been installed, as the complete project’s return on investment was realized with 24 hours. Further, the new customized valve solution has not failed in the 96 months since installation, greatly improving on the previous valves’ 15 months. Ultimately, this client’s system efficiency, safety and production have all been enhanced thanks to our expert knowledge and innovation.

At Novaspect, we seek to understand the challenges our customers face so we can design systems and solutions that simply work. We’re committed to delivering the right innovation to the right people at the right time. Contact us today and let us help you solve your challenges together.



Novaspect’s approach to project execution

Novaspect’s team of experts has vast experience in successful project execution. We have the resources and technical know-how to improve your current business model, drawing upon research from all over the globe and applying the latest innovations to maximize your infrastructure. The Novaspect approach to project execution takes the following factors into account.

Process management

Our team of engineers will work with you locally to fine-tune and automate your plant assets, ultimately turning your more efficient management approach into a competitive advantage. Novaspect’s areas of process management focus include software, combustion tuning, cybersecurity, alarm systems, performance management and data management.

Control systems

We use DeltaV Control System to enhance the performance and reliability of your projects. This all-in-one control system encompasses process automation, combustion, safety and internal control, as well as distribution systems. Serving as the command center of your business, the system uses information from your sensors, frequency drives, motor control centers, digital valves and other sources to accurately implement input controls as needed. Moreover, DeltaV uses off-the-shelf technology to ensure a cost-benefit advantage as well as optimized performance.

Reliable valves

At Novaspect, we have a wide range of both automatic and manual valves to suit our customers’ needs. We understand that valve requirements vary widely across industries, and will work with you to pinpoint the most appropriate type for your operations, including final control isolation, ball valves, globe valves, butterfly valves and gate valves.

Engineering solutions

Streamlining operational processes is vital for a healthy bottom line. With this in mind, the Novaspect team will inspect your plant and make recommendations on facilitating and budgeting for planned outages, upgrades and repairs, reports, execution support and other necessary maintenance, with the goal of preventing more costly repairs or potential safety issues down the road. Let Novaspect work with you to implement planned outages and establish operational certainty that an unplanned outage will not occur anytime soon.

At Novaspect, we leverage the latest technology to improve your operational processes in a safe and cost-effective manner. Our team works closely with your team to find long-term solutions that meet your unique needs.


DeltaV Alarm Help with Novaspect

DeltaV contains Alarm Help which is a system that can be customized to suit a plant’s alarm management requirements. The system has met all the ISA- 18.2 international standards for industrial alarm management systems.  It is ready to use an alarm system that does not require additional hardware or software to implement and maintain. The DeltaV alarm system is reliable and efficient with excellent response time.


Advantages of DeltaV alarms

  • The alarms can be quickly accessed by the operators on the console. Operators can view the Alarm Help list and test the response time of the alarm. This can help the operator to better understand how the alarm works.
  • The Alarm Help system can be configured to suit the plant’s alarm management policies. This can be done by classifying the alarms, choosing the response time and notifications can be customized to sit the plant’s needs.
  • Training can be done to operators to familiarize them with DeltaV system so that they are in a position to make changes in the Alarm Help settings.  This is important in case of new changes implemented in the plant operations activities.
  • It is easy to manage and maintain. It is ready to use, and once a company is licensed, they can implement the system.
  • Alarm Help has different workstations which don’t have the control module settings. The workstations promote regular updates of the production systems.
  • Alarm Help is capable of managing several alarm conditions concurrently. This is beneficial in alarm management for sensitive or big operational plants.

Features of DeltaV Alarm Help

At Novaspect, we can configure Alarm Help for DeltaV v11, v12, and v13 versions.  The configurations process allows Alarm Help to be customized to your specification or the requirements of your plant.   There are three text fields with a maximum of 500 characters. The field names available are chosen by the customer during the configuration. Only authorized personnel can make any changes to system configurations. Each field has a security feature to allow only authorized users.

In v12 and v13, Alarm Help has the options for alarm descriptions.  V13 has further enhancements like details on suppressed alarms, the reasons the alarm is suppressed and the current status of the alarm. These features enhance the alarm management process with the in-depth information on failed alarms.

The beauty of the DeltaV Alarm Help system is that it will give notification immediately a process deviates from the set procedures. This enhances the response time to implement corrective measures and improve the plant processes in general. Enhancing plant processes is vital to increasing your company’s bottom line.  Using DeltaV to optimize your plant alarms is essential to reduce unnecessary losses or delay in the production process. The DeltaV Alarm Help system is useful in alarm auditing, finding a solution for bad actors, analyze alarm performance and even alarm rationalizing from the records stored in the system. We have a team of qualified engineers who can work with your company locally to install, implement, configure and set Alarm Help.



Oil drilling company achieves faster well startup and decreases time to net oil


  • Faster well startup results in decreased time
    to net oil
  • One week reduction in startup time provides
    up to 8,000 barrels of additional production
  • Financial gain up to $720K per well



Upstream heat treating of petroleum production fluid to break emulsions into phases of oil, gas, and water, plus measurement and monitoring.


Mid-size North Dakota upstream oil field exploration and production company is drilling and starting up new wells.


The customer was seeking the most time-effective and cost-efficient system to bring wells online and into production. The on-site solution must include technology for separating oil and water as well as accurately measuring and monitoring each component.


The Novaspect / Emerson team of engineers designed and commissioned vertical and horizontal heater treater units equipped with advanced measurement and monitoring capabilities. Their solution resulted in a time savings up to one week per well with a financial gain of up to $720K per well. A producer commissioning one well per month can deliver up to $8.6 million of additional crude to market. Other benefits include decreased flare gas to storage tanks, significantly reduced shrinkage, and improved allocation measurement, a 28% improvement over conventional methods.

Heater Treater Design Principles

The fundamental principle behind upstream heater treaters is to provide heat to the produced fluid to assist in breaking emulsions combined with sufficient retention time for the oil, water, and gas phases to separate out based on their differences in density. The vessel size is determined by the estimated production volumes and properties of the crude to be treated over the life of the field. There are two types of heater treaters: vertical and horizontal.

Vertical is the most common type of treater due to its low cost, reduced complexity and ability to gravity feed produced liquids to the tanks. Horizontal tends to be more complex and at a higher cost, but a longer “U” style firetube allows for greater heating capacity and treatment rates. Horizontal treaters are more efficient but typically operate at higher pressures since they lack the vertical height to boost the produced liquids to the tanks.

This Novaspect / Emerson solution included:

Emerson Remote Operations Controllers
(ROC) have established an industry benchmark for flexibility, robustness, ease of use and reliability. They offer features, benefits, and technology for the most demanding remote measurement and control applications.

Fisher® easy-DriveTM electric actuators are specifically designed for upstream wellhead applications. They can be installed on Fisher D4 or D3 valves and enable the use of proven, robust, globe valve technology in separator/heater treater level control applications.

RosemountTM 3051S ERSTM System pressure transmitters are specified to gain more accurate and reliable measurements of fluid levels inside the heater treater. They help streamline commissioning and reduce the number of tools needed to manage by using intuitive local operator interface.

Micro MotionTM Coriolis measurement system supplies highly accurate and repeatable measurements of volume flow and density while reducing costs for installation, operation, and maintenance.

Turck Cables: Components are quick-connected with Turck Cables, industrial ethernet distributed I/O products supporting a variety of mechanical and field wiring formats, and protocols. Customer benefits by not wasting valuable production time waiting for electricians to make installations.

Emerson Process Management provided by Novaspect offers an array of control system support services designed to help achieve business objectives, reduce or contain operating and service costs, and keep control systems running at peak performance. It’s a partnership that knows your business and can help you operate your plant safely, reliably and more efficiently. To learn how Novaspect can solve your challenging application, contact us today.

Solve Performance Problems with One Solution

Loop tuning is the process of adjusting a control loop to achieve the desired effects. A control loop is an industrial control system used in application machines that need constant control. It is a feedback process that strives to correct any differences between at the set point, and the measured variable. The measured variable may be higher or lower than the set point and controller implements corrective measures to return the variables to the set point.  Loop tuning is a complicated process, but when done right it can increase product uniformity and enhance the control process. There are different ways for loop tuning. Lambda tuning is the standardized approach which uses Proportional-Integrative-Derivative (PID).

Loop tuning is mostly used in closed loop systems. Novaspect uses Lambda PID which uses a feedback control algorithm. The use of this algorithm cuts across various industries from oil and gas to metal and mining, power production, refining among others. PID controllers aim for a constant control loop that increases the process maintenance depending on the variable loop. Controllers enhance the running of the process. Lambda loop tuning system can be tested before final setting and implementation.

During the setting stage, a few steps need to be followed to ensure appropriate configuration.

Set Objectives

Set what the controllers should achieve during the process. Definite tuning parameters to be used in the process should be stated. The usual process parameters include gain, dead time, a time constant, proportional band and integral.

Prioritize Loop Controls

Control loops should be setups for fast or slow implementation especially for interacting loops. When control loops are set on an equal level, they cannot achieve stability.


Place the controllers in manual mode and test the process for the output.  Make changes in small percentages depending on how sensitive the process is until you achieve the desired output.

Calculating tuning Parameters

The parameters must be calculated to find out the parameters that optimize the output of the process. Engineers do the necessary calculations to be used in the loop tuning. An example of set parameters may be:

  • Dead time: 1 minute 30 seconds
  • Integral: 15 min/rep
  • Proportional Band: 50
  • Gain: 1
  • Time constant: 7 minutes

Solve hardware challenges

The major hardware challenges that affect the effectiveness of the process are the type of valves used. The right valves should be put in place to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Repeat Testing

This is just a confirmation process to check whether everything is running smoothly.  Repeat testing should be approved by engineers before PID is finalized.


If the results of repeat testing are satisfactory, it’s time to finalize the setup process and go to live production.

Novaspect has a team of engineers and other qualified staffs who have vast experience with other control loops. We understand that control loops are crucial in ensuring the smooth running of your loop system. Novaspect will study your current loop system to capture all the vital data before upgrading to PID controls.

The new loop controls will improve the efficiency of the control process and increase product uniformity. Novaspect engineers will supervise the whole process to ensure a smooth transition.  An improved loop tuning can be attained easily with the help of Novaspect professional team. Feel free to contact Novaspect for further details on loop tuning. We look forward to working with you.


Do Your Valves & Packing Technology Meet Compliance Requirements?

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is enforcing Consent Decrees for fugitive emissions in both the HPI and CPI industries. Now is the time to partner with a company that has a comprehensive valve service package: proven valve sealing experience and cutting
edge packing technology needed to meet the demands of “Low E” compliance.

Why risk costly fines?

Choose a trusted partner with the experience and proven results. One source has over 45 years of valve sealing know-how and industrial expertise: Midwest Valve Services. Simply put, they have learned what it takes to make valve applications work properly. Valve and packing integrity is critical to safety, equipment longevity, leakage control, and overall valve function. Most valve rebuild shops do an adequate job in making a valve function in the short run but are less concerned about the key details that contribute to long packing life and leak-free service. However, the best do, and that’s why MVS has backed up their packing products and services with a five-year leak-free guarantee and have done so for over 30 years. This reputation has made them an industry leader in providing innovative leakage control systems– and in using several packing systems with a track record of success, ranging from fugitive emissions to high-pressure steam service.

A Comprehensive Solutions Approach

Pre-Turnaround Planning includes:

  • In-Plant Valve Surveys
  • Pre-Turnaround (TAR) Planning Support & Walk-Downs
  • Valve Service Project Management
  • Staged Packing Inventory


Turnaround Services & Onsite Repair:

  • Extraction & Repack
  • Live Load & Gland Torque Calculations – Android and Apple phone app to calculate torque is available.
  • Valve Repair– Specialized in stem & stuffing box repair per American Petroleum Insitute (API) Requirements.


Documentation & Post-Turnaround Support:

  • Valve ID Tracking
  • Valve Packing Population Management


Style 1622 Packing Features:

  • The only Certified Low E Packing manufactured in the USA.
  • Highest carbon content, lowest PTFE content, and lowest volatiles in its class.
  • Passive corrosion inhibitor
  • No hot re-torque required
  • Single-spool solution
  • API 622 & API 624 compliant
  • API 607 Fire-Safe
  • Independently tested to provide an average 12 ppm leakage.


Valve Packing Emission Warranty- Static (Block or On/Off Valves):

Chesterton warrants valve packing style 1622, installed in accordance to the “Conditions of Warranty”, will not leak in greater than 100 PPM above background, as detected pursuant by EPA Method 21, for a period of five (5) years from date of installation (Required for API 622).

  • Midwest Valve Services is an authorized and qualified installer; trained on Chesterton 1622.


Block Valves: Single Spool Low E Solution:

  • Effects of galvanic corrosion minimized with passive inhibitor.
  • Applicable to both high & low-temperature services: Packing is warranted in Service Conditions up to1500 PSIg (100 Barg) and/or 750°F (400°C).
  • Simplified inventory & installation with only one packing style.


Motor-Operated Valves: Live Loading

  • Pre-engineered gland load for emissions sealing.
  • Cartridge-style live loading provides: visual gland torque verification & stored elastic energy; with minimal stem friction.


Your Leak Detection & Repair (LDAR) program partner:

When you select a partner like MVS, you benefit from our expertise in providing a complete valve sealing package. Surface finish, dimensional clearance, the overall condition of gland fasteners, packing gland, stuffing box bore, and stem all play a vital role in valve packing seal reliability. MVS will help you achieve successful fugitive emissions control and enhance your LDAR program.

Valve Packing Extraction & Repack Services

  • Extract and repack at a rate of 10:1 over conventional methods.
  • Remove all packing rings without damaging critical internal surface finishes (approximately 20,000 psi of air and water used to clean stuffing box internals).
  • Eliminate the need for packing pullers and screw extractors that can
    score stems & box bores thus creating potential leak paths.
  • Use multiple machines for larger jobs: mass extraction allows valves to be set up on scheduled maintenance priority.
  • Provide proper inspection of stuffing box internals to identify pitting or corrosion; valves in poor condition are scheduled for repair.


Documented Component Repair

We save our customers time and money by repairing critical valve components. Stem and box bore repair procedures are in accordance with API requirements. By using industry standard procedures, our repairs ensure consistent quality and reliability.

Stem Repair

Stems are machined to remove damaged areas, receive a weld overlay with a suitable material, and are re-machined back to OEM specifications. Stem repairs can be done on-site and within a narrow window during short turnarounds. Repairs allow the capability to perform PMI and heat treating.

Stuffing Box Bore Repair

Our repairs feature rotary bore-welding and remachining of stuffing boxes to proper packing tolerances and surface finish as required by OEM standards and API specifications. Various materials can be utilized in the repair, based on the conditions of service or OEM specifications.

Contact us today to discuss your upcoming turnaround, valve sealing, and repair projects at: