Project Execution

Whether around the globe or right in your own backyard, successful project execution requires dedication, knowledge and experience. Our team at Novaspect knows this and has proven time and time again that Novaspect is the go-to expert when it comes to consistently reducing project risk and elevating your return on investment.

The Novaspect Difference
At the heart of our company are skilled and knowledgeable industry leaders ready to direct your project to success. We stake our reputation on quality business practices and management infrastructure that provide the keys to automation project success.

While Novaspect may be a regional entity, we draw resources from across the world, giving us an unparalleled ability to meet and exceed your expectations. Drawing on our breadth of project execution experience, we are well equipped to understand your specific needs, develop a feasible project roadmap and mobilize the necessary resources to deliver on our promise.

A New Approach
Instead of relying on yesterday’s engineer-procure-construct model, Novaspect spends the time upfront to select the key technologies and innovations that will be important to your specific project. Once those are in place, our team then proceeds to the engineering stage. This reduces both time and cost by introducing leveraged technologies into the process early, thereby allowing our engineers to incorporate their strengths into the design from the beginning.

At Novaspect, we believe our resources, experience and knowledge are second to none. To experience a different approach to project planning and execution, contact us today.

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Instrument & Controls Field Support

Our customers are at the heart of our organization and Novaspect strives to uphold the service reputation we have built over the last 85 years by implementing continuous improvement, reliability and incremental value validation processes. Novaspect aims to create value and operational excellence for our customers through maintenance, reliability and performance.

Our mission is to support and maximize our customers’ operational success through well developed work processes critical to achieving consistent repeatable results. Through collaboration we aim to understand our customers’ objectives, determine where support is needed and align our deliverables to meet their needs. Novaspect focuses on the maintenance, reliability and performance initiatives that support core areas such as safety, environmental, production, reliability, efficiency, and compliance.

The Instrument & Controls Technician Team provide the following:

  • Instrumentation Setup / Startup / Troubleshooting (Including Wireless)
  • Valve Setup / Startup / Troubleshooting
  • RTU (ROC / FloBoss) Programming / Startup / Troubleshooting
  • Rosemount Flame & Gas Calibration
  • Instrument Validation (Calibration)
  • Platinum Installation / Setup / Startup / Troubleshooting
  • Heater Treater Setup / Startup / Troubleshooting
  • Full Well Pad Automation Setup / Startup / Troubleshooting
  • LACT Setup / Startup / Proving / Troubleshooting
  • Emerson SmartProcess Application Software Programming
  • Customer Training
  • Customer Onsite Support Services

Custom Enclosure Design & Manufacturing

In Novaspect’s custom manufacturing workshop, we realize that no two projects are identical. Our skilled assembly professionals have acquired detailed knowledge of the products we provide. We can manufacture your solution to your specifications. Novaspect’s UL-508A, UL-698A, UL-NNNY Certified Shop can provide custom panel design & layout, custom engineering, installation/wiring of equipment, complete Quality Control (QC) & Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), and custom preparation/packaging for shipment.

Custom Panel Design

Many customers find value using Novaspect’s panel shop to design and build control panels to custom fit their application. Our design engineers work in conjunction with our customers to produce designs that lower installation time, eliminate start-up issues, and decrease the total cost of installation.

  • Novaspect’s design engineers are trained on ROC and FloBoss.
  • We work closely with our customers to insure all of the design requirements are met while making the panel easy and fast to install in the field.
  • When applicable, we generate CAD drawings of the assembly and include a copy in the completed panel.
  • All panels must pass a 100% point to point QC test to insure proper wiring.
  • We can install customer specific configuration files or user programs upon request.
  • Novaspect keeps a full range of complementary equipment on the shelf to complete your ROC and FloBoss installation. Some examples may include Transmitters, Isolation Manifolds, RTDs, Solar Panels, Batteries, Radios, and Antennas. Novaspect can be your one stop shop for a complete installation package.


Let Novaspect help speed up your field installations and decrease your stress and headaches. From panel design to installation, we’ve got you covered.


Although businesses want to increase plant uptime, boost production efficiency and mitigate risk through innovative automated operations management, doing so requires taking operations out of commission, leading to lost income and reduced performance. Enter the team at Novaspect with a hot cutover methodology designed to bring your plant into the 21st century without interruption.

A new take on process management

This methodology, which pairs Novaspect’s experienced process management engineers with the latest technological innovations, can be implemented across a wide range of industries. Using our PlantWeb digital plant infrastructure, we can upgrade your current systems without affecting your production scale, ultimately improving your business returns while simultaneously mitigating risk, reducing downtime and enhancing plant performance.

While our engineers cut over plant control loops, instruments and systems, your operations will continue unimpeded.

Why Novaspect?

Once the process is completed, you are left with a modern, automated plant while still maintaining the competitive advantage associated with not needing to cease operations. The benefits are clear:

  • More reliable and efficient plant operation
  • Upgraded smart instrument diagnostics
  • Safer, less intrusive commissioning
  • No unplanned downtime or off-spec production
  • More environmentally friendly processes

To experience this new approach to plant automation and innovation, contact your local Novaspect team today. Put our team of engineering experts to work for your company.


When it comes to the overall performance of your plant operations, your system is only as good as its commissioning. Designing, planning, testing, operation and maintaining the system to the operational requirements of the client are all important aspects of commissioning. When it is done right by our team at Novaspect, the impact on plant operations is almost immediate, increasing the efficiency and stability of overall operations.

Our Novaspect team of engineers takes commissioning seriously and is ready to take on whatever challenges your specific commissioning job may require.  The physical condition of your system’s components is integral to making sure commissioning goes as planned, and produces the results you expect. It’s not uncommon to encounter issues when taking on a project, but Novaspect’s approach to commissioning leaves no stone unturned.

In-Field Inspection

We head out into the field to get a first-hand look at any potential roadblocks. Any problems with the field installation will cause problems when it comes to keeping your control loop working safely and efficiently. Equipment checks allow us to ensure that everything is mechanically sound, and is fully operational by the control system.

Observe System Response

Getting a handle on system dynamics involves understanding what is occurring during operation. We make small adjustments to the control loop with the system in manual mode, and observe the changes it has on the system overall.

Confirm Optimal Loop Setup

Once responses are observed, our Novaspect team can start making the small incremental changes to your control loop that generate the most effective and efficient operation of your system. Leaving a commissioned setup in automatic or default operation mode is a recipe for disaster, leaving your plant susceptible to costly mistakes in process control which can either disrupt the whole system or worse yet, result in a total plant shutdown.

For expert help in commissioning your plant or business, you need look no further than our experienced and knowledgeable team at Novaspect. Contact us today to experience the difference Novaspect can make for you.

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Front End Engineering and Design: As part of pre-project planning, Front End Engineering Design work is early design work done after conceptual business planning and prior to detailed design. Novaspect can provide a turnkey solution that includes FEED, equipment selection, commissioning services, and implementation and operational capabilities. Novaspect’s capabilities and experience are especially valuable when time is at a premium. When the stakes are high, our experienced project management, engineering, and single point of accountability for the entire instrumentation and automation system make a crucial difference.