Novaspect Exclusive Distributor of A.W. Chesterton products and solutions

We are pleased to announce Novaspect has purchased the assets and operations of A.W. Chesterton’s regional sales and distribution office located in Elmhurst, IL. This transaction establishes Novaspect as the exclusive distributor of A.W. Chesterton products and services in Northern Illinois and Northwest Indiana. Novaspect has historically delivered A.W. Chesterton solutions in Wisconsin and the upper peninsula of Michigan.

Novaspect’s expanded relationship with A.W. Chesterton improves our ability to provide machinery reliability solutions through:

  • Mechanical seal performance monitoring, repair, and replacement for pumps and other industrial rotating equipment
  • Stationary sealing, packing, and gaskets for rotating equipment, valves, cylinders, and piping flanges
  • Industrial lubrication solutions
  • Industrial ceramic and resin coatings
  • Chesterton 442C

Novaspect’s agreement with A.W. Chesterton further strengthens the most comprehensive offering of process control products and services in the upper Midwest. Novaspect will continue A.W. Chesterton operations from the Elmhurst, IL facility maintaining A.W. Chesterton’s long tradition of providing high quality local products, services, and reliability solutions. All phone numbers, personnel contact, and personnel responsibilities will remain the same with the exception of email addresses which will be transitioning to

We look forward to visiting you in the near future to introduce our expanded sales and customer service team. Please feel free to contact us to discuss how Novaspect can help improve your operation to make it more profitable, reliable, and safe.